JIterator docs


    An automated testing tool based on recording and playback, used to achieve low-cost, high-coverage automated testing for Java backend systems.

    Multi-Protocol Support

    Supports Http, Dubbo, and custom Jvm calls.

    Arbitrary Traffic Simulation

    Supports simulation of data read-type requests as well as secure playback of data write-type requests.

    Cross-Environment Support

    Supports the application of production data for testing in non-production environments.

    Automatic Assertion Generation

    Performs a comprehensive Diff operation on requests before and after iteration to prevent testing omissions. Supports automatic noise traffic and custom noise filtering.

    Real-time Regression Testing

    Continuous data recording for automated regression testing in the test environment, improving test coverage with a large number of online requests and ensuring the authenticity of test data.

    Test Suite Regression

    Transforms recorded data into a test suite for continuous regression testing.





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